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Bioneer and the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Iraq signed a $2.4 million deal to form a lab for

관리자   /   2022-09-01

Bioneer specializing in molecular diagnostics announced that it will build a $2.4 million lab for COVID-19 diagnosis in Iraq

Bioneer signed a turn-key project contract with the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Iraq (MOHW) to set up a laboratory for COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Under this comprehensive $2.4 million contract, Bioneer will supply and set up all the equipment and kits necessary for molecular diagnosis and research.

This contract is the first joint collaboration case between the MOHW and Bioneer's advanced technology and overseas networks. As the result of comprehensive performance evaluation of equipment and kits required for the molecular diagnosis processes from leading global companies, the MOHW of Iraq selected Bioneer products.

Bioneer is the only South Korean biotech manufacturer that provides total molecular diagnostic solutions. Through vertical integration strategy, Bioneer is providing molecular diagnostics technology, instruments and kits from raw materials to final products. The deal with the MOHW of Iraq on laboratory setup and product supply assures the significance and global competitiveness of Bioneer’s products.

Bioneer closely cooperates with its partners across the globe. As a confluent result, this contract is the outcome of advanced coordination and technical activities in Iraq by Bioneer’s local partners the Al-Musaib Bridge Company and Scientific services Bureau.

Bioneer official says that "Although Bioneer has an excellent and innovative technology, our products were less familiar in Iraq till our local partners demonstrated our products to the MOHW of Iraq."

Further it was added that "Indeed, The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), a strategic partner of WHO, after evaluating Bioneer’s diagnostic kits has delivered results of the highest level in both sensitivity and specificity. Therefore, the MOHW of Iraq has showed strong interest in our products and we are expecting the next contract.”

Meanwhile, “Twindemic” concerns as COVID-19 cases raise and flu season looms. In response, Bioneer has developed a kit that can diagnose both COVID-19 and flu, in order to prevent further pandemics a convergence of the flu and COVID-19. After completing clinical studies, Bioneer is expecting to obtain CE and KFDA certifications.

Bioneer is exporting diagnostic instruments and tests to more than sixty countries across the globe, including a $ 4 million contract with Qatar, a $ 9 million contract with Saudi Arabia and a $ 4 million contract with Colombia.



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