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The first RNA based anti-hair loss tonic ‘CosmeRNA’ launched on Amazon

admin   /   2023-06-19

The first RNA based anti-hair loss tonic CosmeRNA launched on Amazon


Bioneer started global sales in earnest following its own mall

plans to double patented raw materials production from July



Bioneer launched ‘COSmeRNA’, the first anti-hair loss tonic with novel RNA technology on Amazon UK on the 13th.


Therefore, the customers can conveniently purchase CosmeRNA from Amazon and receive it quickly anywhere in the world where Amazon offers shipping services.


CosmeRNA has been proven to be safe and effective through human application tests conducted in Korea and Europe, specifically targeting individuals with androgenetic alopecia, both male and female. Applying it to the areas of hair loss at intervals of 1-2 weeks for about 4 months can help alleviate hair loss symptoms, regardless of gender.


Bioneer opened its own online mall for CosmeRNA( in early May, and early adopters from around the world have been making purchases. 90% of the purchases are from Europe and North America, while the remaining percentage comes from various countries in Asia, North Africa, South America, and Australia. Female customers take over 20% of the total purchases. Therefore, the company expects substantial sales of CosmeRNA through the Amazon UK store.


A company official stated, "Amazon is a leading player in e-commerce platform industry in North America, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. We intend to utilize Amazon's various marketing tools as well as social media platforms to achieve significant sales expansion."


Bioneer has made the decision to promptly register CosmeRNA on Amazon Germany, France, Spain, and Italy to improve customer accessibility and convenience. The CosmeRNA online mall will also provide informative and insightful content for people who suffer from hair loss.


The first launch of this innovative product was successfully done through its online mall and it caught global attention from all over the world. Which prompting to double the production capacity of key raw material, oligo-nucleotides, by adding 5 more units of large-scale synthesizers this month. The target operational timeline was moved up from the fourth quarter to July; the company already increased their production of CosmeRNA in order to meet demands from Amazon.


CEO & Chairman, Park Han-oh stated, “Regardless of gender, CosmeRNA can be an appealing solution for people suffering from hair-loss, particularly for women who need more effective treatment options. They can use our product every other two weeks with average cost of around 100 euros (VAT excluded) per month. There is a significant potential for a surge in sales volume if the initial buyers' reviews are spread through our online mall, Amazon store, social media platforms, and other channels.”


Bioneer believes that CosmeRNA will be a game-changer in the hair loss market by developing the next-generation high-capacity synthesizer, which has capacity to produce 10 times from current volumes. Bioneer plans to complete a patented raw material factory on a 60,000㎡ site in Namgongju Industrial Complex, which will have capacity of producing one million products per month, by 2025. Furthermore, the company expecting to secure more than 100 million customers out of the global population of approximately 2 billion individuals suffering from hair loss.


According to market research firms, the global market for hair loss-related pharmaceuticals and medical devices (Grand View Research) is projected to grow from $7.8 billion in 2021 to $14.2 billion in 2028. Similarly, the market for hair loss-related shampoos and cosmetics (The Insight Partners) is expected to grow from $23.6 billion in the same period to $31.5 billion.

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